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Feast your eyes on these beautiful comics! These are all the comics written and illustrated by Frank Candiloro, released in 2018 after a brief hiatus. All comics are A5 size. To choose a comic, select one from the drop-down menu at the right of the screen.


More information on the comics:

"Diabel Or: How I Learned To Give In And Embrace The Chaos" - a young stranger who gets kidnapped and is subjected to a horrific sensory deprivation program called "Diabel", and is forced to sit through disturbing imagery until their will is totally destroyed. Full colour, 20 pages. (WARNING: contains graphic violence, torture scenes and frightening images, 18+ only).

"Subterrestrial" - Subterrestrial is about a mysterious explorer who lands on a strange planet, home to various artefacts from another time, as well as housing some curious critters. As they move deeper into the abyss, they make a startling revelation. Full colour, 10 pages.

"Slasher" - Slasher is about Jamie, a depressed teenager who, in a world on fire, does not see the point of living. But when a masked intruder appears at their house, Jamie has to use all of their strength to survive. Black and white, 10 pages. (WARNING: Contains references/depictions of suicide, depression and self-harm.).

"From Norway To Northcote" - After encountering a wormhole in space, a wounded viking warrior from 1500s Norway accidentally gets sent to the northern suburbs of Melbourne in the present day. On her last breath, she wanders around her surroundings in search of meaning and a way to return to her motherland. Black and white, 8 pages.

"The Black Cat" - The Black Cat is about a young disabled artist, Raecl, and their struggles to fit into the art world. One night, they discover a small comic studio, and finds a place to create art. Unfortunately, they are soon interrupted by a group of angry artists who take offence to Raecl's presence in the studio, resulting in Raecl and their art being attacked. Black and white, 15 pages. (WARNING: Contains references to ableism and bullying/harassment.).

"Hell Broke Luce" - Luce feels like everyone is cooler than them. To the point where they wish fervently that they were someone else, anyone else. They will soon learn however, that perception is everything and things may not be as gloomy as they appear. Full colour, 10 pages.

"Worse Things" - Set in the 1950s to a famous tune from a John Travolta musical, two gang members end up falling for each other in a brief love affair that seems doomed to fail from the beginning. Black and white, 5 pages.